Top 19 Reasons Why I Love You


  1. The way you make me love you.
  2. Your power of making me stay too late at night just for none-of-this-earth convo.
  3. The way you twist my anger to sweetness.
  4. Your expressive eyes.
  5. The way you smile.
  6. With you, I can be at my worst and at my best.
  7. Among all the people in the world, you are the most comfy person to be with.
  8. You always give me frogs in my stomach everytime we fight.
  9. Your silence while we fight, it’s making me crazy and abnormal.
  10. Maldita :-/
  11. You make my mood warm when it’s cold.
  12. You are understanding and a great listener.
  13. You’re way too ideal as daughter, girlfriend, bestfriend and enemy.
  14. Your annoying jokes.
  15. How you always know my attitude, what will I do over some situations and ho will I react.
  16. The way you live your life.
  17. Not demanding nor persuasive.
  18. Super pretty, beautiful, cute and sexy. 😉
  19. Your presence, no matter what kind of mood I am in.

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